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HARNN company has a long tradition of producing handmade soaps, essential oils, facial and body cosmetics, hair cosmetics, aromatherapy products for spa and teas. Furthermore, spa chains are operated under the HARNN brand.

This company introduced a new lifestyle VUUDH fragrance brand in 2009.


VUUDH products are made from 100% pure essential oils and extracts of flowers without the use of synthetic materials. Therefore they also have aromatherapeutic effects. They are made from hand-picked ingredients in locations these scents are named after, such as TOKYO, CHIANGMAI, MUMBAI, BEIJING, PHUKET, SINGAPORE, BANGKOK, SHANGHAI.


Their perfume and design are inspired by travel through exotic Asian countries and their metropolises. Local botany, culture, and lifestyle are interpreted into a range of interior scents. All of these ingredients add an extraordinary and exotic touch to VUUDH products.


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