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Bangkok - Siamese jasmine


  • Siamese Jasmine - is made from Siamese Jasmine, which is harvested directly from the tree only 2 hours during the night, producing 4 times more essential oil and must be processed within 48 hours.
    Effects: Antidepressant, relaxing and lifting, relieves stress from both physical and mental. fragrance 


Walking inside a temple compound taking black & white photographs, capturing the play of light on architectural forms and textures; the sweet scent of Jasmine from intricate garlands fill the tropical air. I feel honest purity - the scent of jasmine. 



Beijing - Lotus


  • Lotus Flower - Effects: It balances the body and mind, acts as a sedative and has a soothing effect.

  • Ylang Ylang - Oil extracted from fresh flowers. Effects: Suppresses pain and depression, helps insomnia


On a hot summer afternoon, I took refuge under the shade of a willow tree inside the Summer Palace garden. The cool wind carries the scent of white lotus blooming majestically in the emerald lake tantalized all my senses. The pristine white lotus symbolizes purity and enlightenment that we all should aspire.




Chiang Mai - Himalayan magnolia


  • Michelia alba
    Effects - Relaxation and relaxation, eliminating stress

  • Ylang Ylang
    Essential oil selected from the finest flowers
    Effects - It suppresses depression and pain, nervous sedation and good insomnia


A classic story of a northern love story where a male suitor finds his true love by following the scent of magnolia blossoms adorned her long straight hair; has me looking for a beautiful girl every time I smell magnolia blossoms when I am in Chiangmai.


Mumbai - Mon rose


  • Mon Rose - Essential oil of Chinese rose is harvested early in the morning and then immediately undergoes a distillation process to obtain the best essential oil of roses.

     Effects - Nervous relief and stress problems

  • CloveEffects - good for cleaning the respiratory tract


Taking an early evening stroll before dinner, a small girl approached me with hands full of aromatic rose garlands. The fragrance is so intense and matches perfectly the beauty of Queen’s Necklace, the lighted shoreline of Mumbai.


Shanghai - Orange & Jasmine

  • Sweet Orange Oil - Sweet orange obtained from the bark of ripe oranges. Effects - antidepressant, helps with digestion
    Jasmine: Effects - antidepressant, relaxing and lifting, relieves stress


Strolling along after dinner admiring the historic buildings on the Bund, I remembered the scent of orange mixes with night blooming jasmine escaping from a private garden. The perfect balance of sweet and refreshing reminds me of the unique balance of European and Chinese culture along the Bund.


Singapore - Santal wood and blooming orange


  • Santal Wood - Essential oil produced by distilling water or steam from roots.
    Effects: Antidepressant, a remedy against flatulence, creates a sense of peace and harmony.

  • Orange Flower - Essential oil extracted from fresh oranges. Effects: Refreshing, stimulating effect, suppressing pain and nervous tension.

Walking around colorful colonial buildings of Chinatown and hearing merchants haggle with their customers in loud but humorous voices, I can smell a warm sweet scent of orange blossoms mixes with aromatic sandalwood coming from a traditional herbal medicine shop. This perfect blend symbolizes the harmonious blending of cultures on this small island.


Tokyo - Yuzu and Wao-Sao-Long


  • Yuzu - Essential oil of a citrus fruit similar to mandarine. Effects: Calming the body and concentrating the mind.

  • Wan-Sao-Long is a traditional ancient herb. It is appreciated for its properties. It is said to grow only in the gardens of good people. Effects: antiseptic effects, excellent for skin infections and cutting wounds. It releases tension


The glowing lights and continuous flow of energy are typical for Tokyo at night. As I walked along a small side street, I could smell an amazing citrus fragrance from fresh Yuzu from nearby fruit stands. Unable to resist, I bought some back to the hotel for its stress-related pain relieving benefits.


Phuket - Lemongrass and Lavender


  • Lemon Grass - Essential oil obtained by steam distillation from fresh and slightly dried leaves.
    Effects: Enhances and relieves stress, helps relieve nervous exhaustion

  • Lavender - Essential oil made from lavender leaves
    Effects - Antidepressant, relief from nervous tension and stress


Walking down a narrow trail toward a cliff overlooking the Andaman Sea, our jeans brushed against lemongrass releasing the tangy citrus scent that blended with my lavender cologne, creating a unique aromatic scent as we held hands and watched the dramatic sunset from the Pearl of the Orient.

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